Leigh Raven Uses and Abuses Lance Hart


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Mezizshura 2 years ago
She says at the end they. were four sons-in-law and their further. Having to fuck with rubber makes it stiffer to keep your dick hard sometimes. But yeah, she's unspoiled obedient whore. Only does what she's told. Notice she never chatted back the entire time. Just submitted like woman should.
Kajigami 2 years ago
Only people with little dicks are asking why he didn't go testicles deep. Even a man with a moderately-sized dick could harm a woman THAT little. Dude was 3/4 of the way in and she was most likely entirely utter. Any more and he would have hurt her. Leave porno to the professionals.
Sarn 2 years ago
will u suck my cock ?
Dajora 2 years ago
Her figure is so sexy, amazing tits, and that dick, WOW! Good display!

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